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Mirage © 2008 Richard White Sight

Mirage. One of five deadly assassins. Entices her victims with the lusts of the eyes. Adept at disguise, yet vain in her ambition.

11x14" print. $45.00

A Mirage in the dark © 2011 Richard White  A Mirage in the dark

Can you see a Mirage in the dark?

Echo and Mirage © 2008 Richard White Sound

Echo is the second of five assassins. Brash and arrogant, he prefers intimidation rather than subterfuge. If he can shock his enemy into making a mistake, all the better.

11x14" print. $45.00

Savor © 2008 Richard White Taste

Savor is the second youngest of five assassins. Skilled with poisons he prefers to take his time and have a lingering effect.

11x14" print. $45.00

Essence © 2008 Richard White Smell

Essence is the youngest of five assassins, born less than a minute after her twin brother Savor. Claims she can smell fear and that it is more powerful that the most expensive perfumes.

11x14" print. $45.00

Caress © 2008 Richard White Touch

The eldest of the five assassins. Uses the pleasures of the flesh to entice her victims. Prefers to dispatch her quarry up close and personal.

11x14" print. $45.00

Spek © 2008 Richard White Intuition-The Sixth Sense

He broke away from his past. Driven by consience he set out to make things right. But he was not alone in his quest. Aided by the spirit, he had the uncanny talent of seeing touble before it began.

11x14" print. $45.00

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