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Fable © 2008 Richard White Fable

This land was vastly different than any she had known. Since joining Valence such sights had become regular. She couldn't let herself be distracted. She was on a mission, and that mission lay just beyond the door.

11x14" print. $45.00

Elorin Darkeyes © 2008 Richard White Elorin Darkeyes

The warmth of the small inn and a fresh meal welcomed her. She needed the rest. But, rarely in her life did such times go uninterrupted.

11x14" print. $45.00

Grotto © 2008 Richard White Grotto

A peaceful retreat where she could practice and reflect.

11x14" print. $45.00

Deminhe's Winter © 2008 Richard White Deminhe's Winter

Her countenance changed with the seasons. She wore the mask to obscure her features. It was not because of disfigurement, though. Quite the opposite. It was because those of her race were known for blinding and enticing beauty. She did not wish be a temptation.

11x14" print. $45.00

Minerva on the Lake © 2008 Richard White Minerva on the Lake

Her father was a kind man and a patient teacher. He had always told her that any moulding he did was insignificant to the work of the master potter. She often contemplated those words. His tone when he spoke them to her always took on a humble, heartfelt warmth. Yet there also seemed to be something else, perhaps a future hope left unspoken, that colored the pauses between his words. The echoes of the spoken and unspoken replayed in her mind to this day, one month after he had disappeared. Besides the boat, and the scarf, the twin swords were the only items she had of her father Huko.

11x14" print. $45.00

Orb of Tressa © 2008 Richard White Orb of Tressa

It had not been easy getting the pearl. Formed in the gullet of certain rare dragons and exceedingly valuable it signaled a turn of fortune for her family. She was not about to let it go unguarded.

11x14" print. $45.00

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