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Vonya Rikardt © 2008 Richard White Vonya Rikardt

A newer version of Vonya.

11x14" print. $45.00

Boots © 2008 Richard White Boots

As a pirate she relied on her wits and cunning. She never could have foreseen being overcome by the grace and warmth of the stranger who booked passage on her ship. His peace had and compassion had melted the icy corners of her heart. Now her heart guided her back to him.

11x14" print. $45.00

Nozomi © 2008 Richard White Nozomi

One who brings hope to others.

11x28" print. $90.00

Cerulean © 2008 Richard White Blue

For her regret was like a shadow. An ever-present companion even in the presence of the Son. Was Valence right? Was grace possible? She prayed it was.

11x14" print. $45.00

Valence © 2008 Richard White Valence

He studied the snowy landscape. The bitter cold pierced his face.

8x10" print. $30.00

Sabriyya © 2008 Richard White Sabriyya

A slave. Marked for life by her number, but no longer bound, she glanced at the cell that held her one last time. Freedom beckoned in a still small voice.

11x14" print. $45.00

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