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Hu Li the OrcUpdated Hu Li
Hu Li © 2003-2004 Richard White

Hu Li was an outcast. Half Orc, half celestial. Beaten by his fellow Orcs and disilusioned by their thuggish nature, he embarked on a quest to learn about his celestial nature. He eventually took sanctuary in the Monastery of Mountain where he learned discipline and the truth about himself.

Tressa © 2003 Richard White Drow no longer

Tressa's father never spoke much about her mother, but she new he loved her deeply. She knew her mother was elven only because of her own subtly pointed ears. Since her father did not have this trait, that only left her mother. But her dark skin... She had seen elves before, but none had so dark a complexion.

11x14" print. $45.00

Kat © 2003 Richard White Kat for Katana

Never allowed to officially train in the " arts ", Kat intently studied her brother's practice forms, learning all she could. She would offer to spar with him and practice what she learned in the chill of the night as the house slept. She eventually discovered that her skill had surpassed her brother's, though she never let on...until one fateful night when she awoke to find her brother, father, and mother slain in their sleep...

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