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New! Cerulean Ice © 2010 Richard White Cerulean Ice

Her icy stare belied the pain she held within.

Black Guard © 2003 Richard White Black Knight

His name was forgotten long ago. He had sold his spirit to gain power and control; to satisfy his desires and whims. In doing so, he had become a slave to his sins. He had become a tool of darkness...the tool of Acrimon Gall.

Huko Longspear © 2003 Richard White Death from above

An honorable man, exiled from the East for his discovery of the Truth, Huko settled in area of Dragon's Bluff. He became a boatman on Lake Wyrmwater and friend to King Larkin. The king entrusted his youngest daughter, Minerva, into Huko's care.

Re'Hai the Dragon Slayer © 2004 Richard White Dragon Slayer

Re'Hai was one of the few female Dragon Slayers in the Western Realms. Her skill were without peer. Revenge drove her. Revenge for the death of her family and the destruction of her village at the whim of a monsterous black dragon. To her these creatures were all evil and it was her mission to drive them to extinction. That is until her travels took her east, where she met Huko Longspear.

Vonya Rikardt © 2005 Richard White Vonya Rikardt

Vonya Rikardt, knight of the Northern Realm and her companion and lead sled dog, Glacier.

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