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The Blind Ranger © 2003 Richard White  Cori the blind Ranger

Cori sacrificed her sight to a dragon in order to spare the life of Oshi. As a debt of honor, Oshi pledged his life to Cori becoming her companion and protector.

Do That Again - A Fable's Origin © 2011 Richard White  The origin of a fable

No one knows where fables begin. Perhaps from a grain of truth.

New! Cerulean Ice © 2010-2012 Richard White Cerulean Ice

Her icy stare belied the pain she held within.

The Three Sisters © 2003 Richard White The Three Sisters

Three sisters. Minerva (the youngest), Jayna (the oldest), and Ismelda (the middle child). All three are daughters of the king. It was said they shared the blood of the Copper Dragon. However, consumed with a lust for power and hatred toward her father for bestowing the throne to an outsider, Ismelda corrupted her older sister into seizing the throne for herself. Unknown to them was the existence of a baby sister, entrusted to the care of a boatman of Lake Wyrmwater by the name of Huko Longspear.

Acrimon Gall © 2004 Richard White Acrimon the Corrupter

The tempter. With a sly and charismatic way he tempts. With smooth words he speaks to the darkness inside us all.

Ascher Karth-Knight © 2008 Richard White Ascher, Paladin of the One

Knight and warrior for the one true creator.

11x14" print. $45.00

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